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FellBound is intended to accommodate a variety of ways to play and players are encouraged to experiment with formats of their own. Consider the formats suggested here as merely a starting point.

Deck Building.jpg


In constructed play, each player's deck is shuffled containing ten unique cards, chosen by the player from their collection. This format is recommended for deck builders and experienced players.

Example Deck1.jpg
Constructed Play1.jpg

See cards for a current list of available characters.


Both players may also elect to construct their decks in accordance with their character alignments.


A character’s alignment represents their willingness to fight alongside warriors of a shared affinity. To represent this in constructed play, all characters in your deck must conform to the following alignment restrictions:

Life cannot align with Death

Order cannot align with Chaos



In random play, each player's deck is shuffled containing ten unique cards drawn randomly face-down from a communal card pool of any size. This format is recommended for both newer and more experienced players.

Random Play1.jpg

Random play provides a casual format where players must think on their feet, not knowing what cards their deck contains until their hand is drawn. 


Players are divided into two opposing teams of equal number, across one battleground 2x5 tiles per two players in size. Tiles are positioned together length-ways as required. 

Allied Team Play1.jpg

Each player draws and controls their own characters but must make each turn and game phase at the same time as their allies. Players may deploy characters onto any tile in their team’s deployment zone and may reveal their hand to their allies and consult with one another.

Defeat occurs when your team does not have at least two living characters on the battleground by the end of your turn. Teams may also concede defeat. 

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