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Cages of Fear: Dungeon Gamebook

Ages 8+

136 pages

1 Player


Corpses lurch through broken hallways and guardsmen draw their blades. Rats skitter beneath piles of bone as distant cries echo through the walls. Knowing that each step may be your last, you must evade traps, unlock chests and fight fearlessly to escape the sprawling dungeon in which you are held.

Cages of Fear is a single player dice-based game in a book in which you must slay foes, avert traps, and strengthen your chosen character to progress. Though unforgiving, gameplay is replayable and unpredictable; akin to a 'roguelike' or 'dungeon crawler' in a book.

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Choose to play as either a footman, a magister or a brigand each with particular items or abilities. Dice rolls determine how you advance through the dungeon, combat enemies, and search chests and shrines. Gold and items you aquire may be exchanged with a merchant to bolster your character and stave off death.

Where to Buy

Cages of Fear is available to purchase from following amazon stores:

A PDF version can be purchased from the site shop.

Character Sheet



Two character sheets for print in PDF format, A4 size.

The character sheet is a record of your character, their items and abilities. Copies are found at the back of the book, which can be torn out or copied. You can also print out the PDF version below.

Video Playthrough

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