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FellBound is a fast-paced two player card game, in which players pit their band of warriors against one another in ruthless combat. Though the rules may be simple, strategy lies in deploying your characters, coordinating their attacks and out-maneuvering your opponent. 


2 Players

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Ages 10+

15 - 45 minutes


Each card in your deck represents a character you can recruit  to fight in your warband. These vary from lumbering beasts to nimble assassins, each with their own attributes depicted at the top of the card.

Example Cards1.jpg


Card Stats1.jpg
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Multi Attack Icon.png
Multi Defence Icon.png
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Attack value is deducted permanently from the target character’s health value.

If a character’s health value is reduced to 0 or below the character is slain.

Defence value is deducted from the offending character’s attack value.

Multiplier values denote the number of repeated consecutive attacks or defences made per turn.

Range value determines the number of tiles directly in front of the character, plus one tile directly to its left and right, that may be targeted.

Characters you control engage in combat on a 2x5 tile battleground. Defeat occurs when you do not have at least two living characters on the battleground by the end of your turn. 

Each player begins with a shuffled deck of ten cards placed face-down, and a treasury of three gold coins. Randomly determine which player takes their turn first and continue alternating turns in order. 



Characters may be deployed from your hand onto any single unoccupied tile in your deployment zone. 

If a character has a gold cost, that gold must be deducted from your treasury and placed on the card during deployment phase. Once you’ve finished deploying characters, your turn ends.


After each player’s opening turn, turn order proceeds as follows:

Turn Order1.jpg

Though characters may not be deployed onto a tile occupied by another living character, they may be deployed directly onto tiles occupied by slain characters, in which case the deploying player receives the gold on that card. This may either be added to their treasury, or may be used to pay the gold cost of the deploying character directly. The slain character is placed in the owning player’s boneyard where it remains inactive for the rest of the game.

Slain Deployment1.jpg
Slain Deployment2.jpg


Defeat occurs when you do not have at least two living characters on the battleground by the end of your turn. Players may also concede defeat.


Special Abilities

Once players have familiarized themselves with the basic rules, deploying additional characters with special abilities expands the game and adds further tactical depth.


The following special rules supersede any contradictory rules found in the basic rules.

Heal Icon.png
Leach Icon.png
Steal Icon.png
Bribe Icon.png
Spray Attack Icon.png
Rear Range Icon.png
Fly Icon.png
Corpse Cost Icon.png
Sacrifice Cost Icon.png
x Gold Cost Icon.png
Inflitrate Icon.png
Redeploy Icon.png
Charge Icon.png
Aura Icon.png
x Health Icon.png

Heal: restore target health value

Leach: add reduced target health value to character health value

Steal: add living or slain enemy target gold to your treasury

Bribe: pay target gold cost to control target for the rest of the game except current action phase

Spray attack: indiscriminately attack all characters within range except those left and right

Rear range: target directly behind and left and right

Flying: move onto any tile unoccupied by a living character

Corpse cost: must be deployed onto a slain character

Sacrifice cost: must discard a character from your hand into your boneyard

x gold cost: may pay any gold: values that equal x, equal gold paid

Infiltrate: may be deployed onto opponent deployment zone

Redeploy: returned to owner’s hand once slain and moved or deployed over

Charge: perform one action when deployed

Aura: condition applies to all characters you control

x health value: equals current health value


A PDF version of the rules, along with a condensed basic rules playsheet, are available free for print and download below.




Everything you need to know to start playing FellBound, including basic game rules, special abilities, special costs and additional game modes.




All of the written basic rules on a single print-and-play sheet. These come with fewer explanatory diagrams, so it is recommended that newer players begin learning the game with the full game rules.


A digital version of FellBound is currently available to play for free on Tabletop Simulator. 


Click here to go to the Steam Workshop page and try this version of the game.


In order to play, you must have Steam installed and have a copy of Tabletop Simulator on your account. FellBound currently requires two players to play, however you may still wish to view the cards, rules and components.


Though development is currently ongoing, a physical version of FellBound will be available for purchase in the near future.

If you have tried the game, please feel free to leave some feedback.

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