The seas of Holmir have risen and once great kingdoms lie beneath the waves. With vast tracts of land now lost, once far flung beings have been thrust side-by-side. Some have fled the encroaching shores in search of fertile pasture, others in pursuit of gold. Many, however, have taken to looting and violence. With once stable kingdoms now gone, the Isles of Holmir have been thrown into chaos.


Amidst great upheaval, many face a bitter struggle for survival . Against roving warbands, thieves and blood-thirsty monsters driven from their caves, only the strongest and most cunning shall prevail.  Some of these beings are noble warriors, priests and sages from far flung lands, others are savage brutes, now tossed into an endless cycle of violence. There are avaricious looters, frenzied barbarians, and slathering beasts that prey on unwary travelers.


More to follow.

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